How Long Does It Take To Charge An Ebike Battery? (on average!)

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When Does a Battery Reach Full Charge On An E-Bike?

One of the most important features to consider when looking for a new electric bike is its recharging time and the mileage the battery of your bike will give you. 

Typically, the larger the batter capacity, then the longer a single charge will take for electric power, on average for a standard lithium-ion single battery charge, this will take between 2-6 hours to reach a full charge depending on the battery capacity. 

To find out more about charging your e-bike battery and how to increase its power delivery when charging, we have put together a short guide below full of tips and tricks to help you out.

How Do You Charge An E-Bike Battery? 

As we mentioned above, charging an e-bike battery depending on its original capacity will take between 2-6 hours in total for a full charge, a partial charge might be less, but this will also give you a lower battery range. 

To charge your electric assist battery is simple, all you need to do is remove the battery from the bike, ensure that the battery for electric assist is switched off then place it in the charger and connect. 

Typically this will take between 2-6 hours to reach a full charge, but most electric power batteries on e-bikes have LED indicators that will turn green once it has fully charged too.

What Is The Lifespan Of An E-Bike Battery? 

On average, an electric bike battery will have around 500 charge cycles before the electric power capacity of the electric bike battery reaches 80%. For people who ride their e-bike on a PAS (pedal assist level) power delivery option, this would mean nearly up to 30,000 miles. 

You should expect to either have to replace your battery or see faster power consumption in around five years to three years for your batteries lifespan.

Many different factors can affect how long your e-bike's battery will last you according to the user and bike itself, we have noted a few below. 

  • Weight - Heavyweight from the rider or heavy loads such as cargo can decrease battery life and health over time.
  • Brakes - Stopping and starting your bike a lot with its brakes can affect the overall battery life of the device.
  • Usage - Riding your e-bike off-road on complicated and steep terrain will eventually take its toll on your bikes battery over time.

Why Is My E-Bike Battery Not Charging?

If you have plugged your e-bike battery on to charge and waited for the 100-percent, full charge, only to find out that your battery is having charging issues, don't worry, there are a few reasons this might be happening and we have listed them down below. 

  • It's the wrong charger - If you have been waiting for your e-bike battery to charge and nothing is happening, then you need to double-check the charger your using. Ensure you are using the bikes original charger and that the battery management system of the charge method is working. 
  • Discharging issues - Another issue you might have is that your e-bike's battery is discharging overnight, this can also be down to the BMS of your bike, which might need replacing in this case.
  • It's too old - You might be feeling that your power consumption capacity of your e-bike's battery is not how it used to be, and this might be due to the fact you have completed enough regular charges of your bikes battery to complete all its charge cycles, meaning you might need to get a new battery.

Should I Use a Fast Charger For My E-Bikes Battery?

When looking at electric bikes batteries, you might have come across fast chargers for your bike, while these can charge your battery faster, they are not good for balancing the cells in your model and ensuring that each cell has the right amount of voltage. 

We recommend using the original charges meant for your bikes battery and avoiding fast charge devices.

Tips For Longer Battery Life When Charging 

Believe it or not, plugging the battery of your electric bike on a single charge and leaving it is not the best way to keep your battery in the best shape possible. There are some tips and tricks you can do to take care of the battery cells in your model and improve the e-bike power measurement. 

  • Don't overcharge - Always set a timer to notify you when your bikes battery has fully charged, failure to do so will lead you to overcharge the device at maximum power output, this creates a series of small discharge cycles and ruins the quality of your battery. 
  • Never store it empty - Make sure to store your battery at 40%-70% even if you are not using the device, never store your battery empty as it may never turn back on!
  • Avoid high or low temperatures - Lithium-ion batteries do not cope well with very high or low temperatures, ensure you are storing and charging your bikes battery in a neutral temperature environment after a single charge.
  • Charge battery cells regularly - Make sure you have a usual charge time for your bikes battery certain times a week, you should not let your battery discharge that often, and keep the power measurement units between 30 and 60%.
  • Do the 12-hour rule - Ensure you are doing a single e-bike battery charge when your first get your electric bike for 12 hours, this helps the battery current flow through to the "top-off" cells. 

Final Words 

To conclude, it will take anywhere between 2-6 hours to charge the battery of your electric bike fully depending on its total capacity and the model that you buy, you should ensure you are taking care of the battery with our tips above and storing it in the right way to get the best lifespan from it. 


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