Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit – Reviews 2016 – 2017

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Pedal -ease250 watt, 36 volt power, LCD display for battery & speed, waterproofAffordable Lowest Price Here!

Flying Bike250 watt, 36 volt power, Waterproof, 2yr warrantyMid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Petrol Scooter1000 watt, 48 volt power, High power torque kits, Fast chargerMid-Range Lowest Price Here!

Top 3 Electric Bike Conversion Kits In 2015 – 2017

For those who want to enjoy the pleasure of riding a bike without always having to pedal, an electric bike might sound like the perfect answer. However, you might not want to buy a dedicated electric bike or you might want to keep your old regular cycle. For these reasons, an electric bike conversion kit. These are normally easy to fit and an excellent alternative to buying an e-bike.

Cycling has become something of a hit since the triumph of the British athletes in the London Olympics. More people decided to brush off their helmets and cycle to work or for fun. The newest trend is the electric bike, and what could be more satisfying than converting your own ordinary bicycle with these Electric bike kits.

Pedalease 36v 250w Review – Our Number 1

Pedalease 36v 250wThis simple to use bike conversion kit (lowest price here!) comes with everything you will need to get your bike motorised. It is able to fit bikes of 26 inch wheels so is compatible with most average size bikes.

The Pedalese is a great way to convert an existing bike using a dedicated integrated wheel hub. It gives you more torque and more efficiency than other kits.

The Pedalease 36v is a great piece of kit for you to give your pushbike a little bit more speed. It’s easy enough for you to convert yourself without the need to take it into a bike shop. The kit fits a 26” tyre so it works with most bikes and comes with all the components you’ll need to get your bike motorised (excluding the bike and battery of course). A welcomed addition to the standard electric bike kit is the waterproof cables. This results in a really neat finish, and great for hiding wires and cables from the rain. The cables themselves are tough and you can rest assured they will last and not break easily. They are also waterproof so you can cycle in all weathers and your motor is safe. You have a 250-watt 36v power, which is great for getting you from A to B, it’s just the right amount of power. There’s a really controllable speed gauge allowing you to adjust from walking speed up to as fast as you like (18 miles/hr).

  • The 250 watt, 36 volt power gives you enough speed to get you where you need to go with ease.
  • Multiple modes allow you to select walking pace up to full speed so you can travel as fast as you wish.
  • All the cables are fully waterproof to give you peace of mind in the wet weather. They are also durable enough not to break easily.
  • An LCD display meter gives you all the information and feedback on your battery and speed.
  • 26” wheel size meaning it should be suitable for average sized bikes
  • Waterproof cables provided to ensure the wires stay dry and safe during any wet weather or muddy terrain
  • Speed modes to adjust your speed from gentle walking to a nippy little number
  • Cheap yet well made kit with easy fit instructions
  • Fitted with a Kenda wheel, a company you can trust for strong, well made tyres
  • Top speed is 18 miles an hour

This really is great for its price and for those wishing to electrify their bike. It comes with waterproof durable cabling, an LCD display which gives the user all the information that may need on speed and battery usage. Its incredibly easy to fit and long lasting.  With a motor the bike can go a top speed of 18 miles/hr.

Features: good quality Kenda wheel – waterproof components – adjustable speed modes

Price: Mid range

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Flying Bike’s Tail Portable Electric Engine Review – Number 2

Flying Bike's TailThe Flying Bike’s Tail portable electric conversion kit is a really easy way to convert any bike to an electric bike. It uses the bikes rear bike rack to attach itself and is very easy to use.

The Flying Bike’s Tail kit is revolutionary in that it requires no elbow grease or effort to fit it to any size bike. The kit comes with an aluminium box that should be placed at the rear of the bike onto a bicycle rack. This is fixed to the back with elasticated straps. The pack comes with aluminium bars that sit on the back wheel. Once you have completed these 2 stages, the bike is ready to go. The bike can achieve up to 30 miles depending on road and environmental conditions and the battery life is about 2 hours. If you switch with pedal and battery power, the battery will last significantly longer. This kit also comes with a handy bag to pack away should you wish to revert back to a pedal bike.

  • A powerful 250 watt brush-less motor with 36 volt battery pack means you will get a lot of mileage out of a single charge.
  • Very easy to use, just attaches to rear bike rack and powers the rear wheel. No tools are needed to get the bike moving.
  • Small and lightweight design comes with its own carry bag for convenience.
  • Durable materials and waterproofing means you can use it in any weather and it won’t let you down.
  • No tools required to assemble
  • 250 watt motor with 36 volt battery, so you will get lot of mileage out of one charge.
  • Waterproof so can be used in all weather
  • Capacity to travel up to 30 miles so need to worry about a flat battery
  • Easy way to convert your bike to an electric one
  • Lightweight and comes with a bag for storage
  • Universal kit so can be used on any bike
  • 2 year warranty for customer satisfaction

This high tech smart product is a great addition to your bike. With its one size fits all design it means that you can convert any bike you use easily. It also has a great warranty so you can ride with confidence.

The Flying Tail kit is the perfect piece of equipment for a first time electric bike user. It is incredibly easy and fast to fit needing no tools to fit. It is light enough only weighing 5kg to carry around should you wish to switch bikes. It comes with a 2 year warranty should something go wrong with a year warranty on the battery.

Features; 2 year warranty – no tools needed for fitting – waterproof components – easy conversion – universal conversion kit

Price: higher end

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Electric Bike Kit 48 volt 1000w Review – Number 3

Electric Bike Kit 48VThis conversion kit also features an integrated front wheel design to power your bike. It is a simple to use kit that gives you all the features you need. The kit is a great version for those that want all the motorised parts to be integrated. It also allows smooth acceleration and high speed. A great overall conversion kit for any bike with 26 inch wheels. These are some of the other reasons it has made it to number three on the list.

  • A very simple conversion kit for bike with a 26 inch wheel. Also has an easy to use design.
  • It replaces your front wheel with a motorised version that has an integral wheel hub. This makes the drive much more efficient than other kits.
  • Can reach top speeds of 46 km/h with very little lag. It also has a long lasting battery so you can travel for many miles.
  • All the components are fully waterproof so you can cycle in any weather with no problems.
  • Comes with a motorised wheel, which makes driving effective.
  • Strong motor meaning you can reach up to 28miles/hour
  • All parts waterproof so you can cycle in any weather
  • Long lasting battery so you can travel far without having to worry about battery life
  • Excellent quality tyre and wheel meaning they have a long life

This is a simple and easy DIY kit to convert your 26” wheel pedal bike into an electric one. This is a really easy job just replace your wheel with the kit wheel, add the accessories and battery and you have a newly converted electric bike. This kit comes with everything you will need to convert your bike whilst giving you the option to use your pedal bike as normal if you wish. The 48v battery can travel up to 40 miles on reasonable road conditions. The wheel, tyre and batteries are of excellent quality and this really shows in the power that this kit delivers. This kit is different to others as it comes with a new motorized wheel which makes driving much more efficient.

This kit is great if you are looking for some decent speed and distance on one battery charge. The kit comes with everything you need to convert your bike and comes with a handy bag to store everything in. What is great with this kit is that you can still use your bike as normal (with a little additional weight) even with the adjustments.

Feature: waterproof components- strong motor- good quality battery- motorized wheel component

Price: Mid range

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The top spot on the list goes to the Pedalease 36v 250w Electric Bike kit. With its integrated front wheel and LCD display, it can do all of the things a regular electric bike can achieve.

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