What Is The Best Way To Clean A Bike Chain? 

What's The Best Way To Clean A Bike Chain?


There are two main methods used to clean bike chains. One method involves using a chain cleaner and water, while another method uses a special cleaning solution. Both methods work well, though the latter is usually preferred since it doesn't require any additional equipment.

Spray bottles are great for spraying down parts of your bike that require extra cleaning. But they're not ideal for cleaning your chain. Instead, you should use a hose pipe. Simply run the hose through your machine and let the water flow freely. Then, simply scrub away at any dirt stuck between the links.

Using a simple solution of warm tap water and dish soap is the best option for cleaning your bike chain. All you need is a bucket of warm water and a small bowl of dish soap.

Dip a rag in the water and wipe off any excess grease. Then, rub the rag against the inside of the link until it becomes shiny. Repeat this process until your chain looks brand new.

This method is cheap and effective, making it the best option for keeping your bike chain clean.

Fill Your Chain-Cleaning Device

Start by filling your chain-cleaning device (aka degreaser) with the indicated amount of degreaser and attach it to the bottom of the chain - roughly in the middle between the lower jockey wheel and the chainrings.

Once attached, hold it in place and spin the cranks backward to start the chain running through the device. Count around thirty to forty pedal revolutions. Check the clean chains to see how it looks.

Continue with further pedal rotations, if the chain is dirty and needs more cleaning. You may consider adding an additional degreaser to the device if the grime is still stubborn.

Use a fresh degreaser and stiff chain brush to scrub and agitated the grime throughout the entire drivetrain, paying particular attention to all the cassette sprocket, rear mech, jockey wheels, and chain ring teeth - basically anything that moves.

Using a generic bike cleaning spray/grime remover (not degreaser- please note the difference here!) can help with the exterior components too at this stage.

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Use Hot And Soapy Water To Scrub The Grime Away

After cleaning the bike chain, it's important to rinse everything off with hot and soapy water using a chain scrubber. This helps to remove any remaining grime and prevent future buildup. You should also avoid forcing water through the bearings. Instead, gently spray the chain with a garden hose or similar device.

A hosepipe can also be helpful here, but make sure to keep the water pressure down. Don't force water through the bearings, as this may cause damage. Instead, gently spray everything with warm water until it looks clean.

You should also avoid forcing water through the bearings. Instead, gently spray the chain with a hose or similar device. Instead, simply spray everything with warm water and let it soak for a couple of minutes. After soaking, gently spray everything with clean water until it looks clean and shiny. Rinse everything off with clean water once more.

A hosepipe can also work well here, but make sure not to force water through the bearings. Finally, rinse everything off with clean water. This will ensure that everything is completely free from any residual degreaser.

Cleaning your bike chain is essential if you want to prolong its life. After cleaning the bike chain with chain cleaning tools, you'll want to rinse everything off with cold and soapy water. Doing so will help to remove any remaining grimes and prevent future buildup.

Dry Your Chain And Re-Apply The Lube

Liquid cleaners are great if you have a lot of dirt to remove, whereas sprays tend to work better for removing small amounts of dirt. You can find both types of cleaners at your local hardware store.

You can either clean your chain yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, it's worth spending a bit of money to keep your chain clean.

A dirty chain will wear down quickly, which means it will become increasingly difficult to shift through gears. Over time, it will also cause damage to the chainrings and derailleur.

To avoid this happening, it's important to clean your chain regularly. If you let it build up lots of grime and filth, it will be much easier to clean later on.

Once you've cleaned your filthy chain, it's important to re-apply the drop of chain lube. This helps prevent rust and keeps your entire chain moving smoothly.

If you clean your chain after riding, it will require less maintenance than if you wait until the chain looks really grimy.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Bicycle Chain?

A clean bicycle chain is essential to the performance of your drivetrain. Dirt and grime build up on the links of your fresh chain, causing resistance and drag, which decreases your overall performance. As mentioned above, if you ride frequently, a dirty chain can cause significant damage to your drivetrain.

You may think that cleaning your chain isn't necessary because your bike is already well-maintained. However, even if your bike looks great, there are still plenty of reasons to clean your chain. You should clean your chain every time you change gears, regardless of whether or not your bike appears to be in tip-top shape.

Cleaning your chain helps prevent premature failure of your drivetrain by removing debris and grime that builds up on the chain. Additionally, it keeps your chain running smoothly, allowing it to perform at peak levels.

There are many preferred methods for cleaning your chain. Some involve using special cleaners, while others require only water. Regardless of your method, it's important to remove any excess grease and oil from the chain before cleaning. Factory grease and oil can clog the teeth of your chain, making it difficult to shift gears.

Once you've removed the grease and oil, you'll need to soak your chain in warm water. Be careful not to submerge the entire length of your chain; instead, simply wet the outside of each link. After soaking, wipe off the excess water with a rag or towel.

If you're using a cleaner, spray it onto the inside of each link. Allow the cleaner to sit for 10 minutes before wiping off the excess. If you're washing your chain in plain old tap water, rinse out the links thoroughly and let them dry completely.

After drying, apply a light coat of lube to the inside of each link, ensuring that the lube coats the entire surface of the link. Lubricate your chain once per week, and do so again if you notice excessive wear on your chain.

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Should I Remove My Bike’s Chain So I Can Clean It?

If you're going about doing things this way, having an ultrasonic cleaner will make your life significantly faster than using a chain breaker. Ultrasonic cleaners are great at removing dirt and grime from bikes without damaging the chain.

Industry experts recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your chain after it has been removed from your bike. These machines can be expensive, ranging anywhere between $50-$100. But if you don't have an ultrasound machine, you can use simple containers filled with cleaning solutions. Just drop the bike chain into the container, seal it up, and shake it vigorously.

Of course, this cleaning won’t be as thorough as investing in an ultrasound machine, but it will definitely save you money. And if you don't have any cleaning supplies, you can just use water and soap instead.

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