Can You Do Wheelies On An Electric Bike? Find Out Here!

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Can You Do Wheelies On An Electric Bike?


E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular among riders because of their ability to provide a low-impact workout without having to pedal like crazy. But what do you think about performing wheelies while riding an e-bike? If you're thinking "no way," we've got some news for you: Yes, you can.

The best thing about e-bikes is that they don't require pedaling to propel yourself forward, which makes them ideal for those looking to avoid putting too much pressure on their legs.

The components that go together to make an electric bicycle add weight to your bicycle, but it also helps it serve as a useful device.

Always remember that when doing wheelies, keeping yourself safe is the most important thing. So, before attempting one, make sure the area where you're going to attempt it is safe, such as an empty parking lot, bike path, etc. Also, know your limits; for example, it would not be a good idea to attempt wheelies if you just had back surgeries recently.

It's important to complete safety inspections on the bike's components, including the handlebar, wheels, pedals, and everything else required to try a wheelie or just ride about regularly.

It's important to choose the right gear for doing wheelies because if you're not riding at the correct speed, you could end up upsetting the balance of the bike and fall off.

Moreover, you should also read our previous article, where we discussed in-depth whether you can take an electric bike on a train or not.

How Are E-Bikes Operated?

Before getting into the details about mastering wheelies using an electric bike, you need to understand how these bikes operate in general.


Pedelecs or pedal-assist e-bikes need the user to begin pedaling the bike normally to turn on the electric motor, which then provides a boost of power. The electric motor also shuts off when the rider stops pedaling.


By altering the "mode" on the handlebar, you may select the level of support you desire.

Eco: little aid, but the longest range. The "Eco" or "Economy" mode consumes the least battery life and is therefore perfect for extended periods of pleasant motoring.

Normal: This mode provides a balance between powerful assistance and increased ranges between charges.

Sport: Cycling is easier with a sport or turbo setting due to its high power output, but the battery will discharge more quickly. Perfect for shorter journeys and short rides.


Like conventional bicycles, electric bicycles also have gear systems. Some electric bicycles have derailleurs, which are similar to bicycle chain drives. Others use internal hub gearing, which makes them easier to maintain than derailleurs.


A typical lithium-ion (Li-Ion) e-bike battery power lasts between two and three and a half to four and a half hours to fully recharge from empty.

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery life depends on the type of battery used, but most Li-Ion battery packs should be able to handle at least 500 full charge cycles(This also depends if you use your electric bikes on hilly terrains, cold weather, etc.) before they need replacing. Batteries usually come with a two-year warranty.

Some e-bikes come equipped with built-in battery packs that connect directly to the bike, while others have removable rechargeable lithium-ion cells that plug into a charger.

Does Your Electric Bike Get Damaged From Wheelies?

You don't need to worry about damaging your e-bikes when doing wheelies However, improper wheelies may damage the front fork. The damages can be minimized by performing wheelies on a bike that has excellent stability and a strong front fork.

Considerations for buying the best eBike for wheelies

Before purchasing your new electric bike for wheelies, here are some things you need to consider:


When riding on uneven terrain, suspension systems help riders by helping them maintain their balance. You should always check your suspension system when doing wheelies and riding your e-bike on difficult terrain.

You may consult your neighborhood technicians to determine whether or not the selected e-suspension bike's system is secure and dependable enough for the terrain.


Wheelies demand extraordinary control of the brakes. Your ability to control the stunts is better the smoother the brakes. Brakes are essential parts of every vehicle, even if you don't do bike stunts.

You need to figure out if the brakes on the electric bike are strong enough or not.

You need to choose which kind of braking system you're most comfortable using. There are disc brakes, v-brakes, and liners-pull brakes available.

In general, disc brakes are better choices if you want the finest electric bike for wheelies since they can withstand larger motions better.

Frame Material

Frame material is an important component that you must constantly take into account. Electric motorcycles are often made of titanium, steel alloy, aluminum, carbon, and steel.

Steel is one of the most durable and trustworthy materials, especially when it comes to wheelies. Each material differs in its smooth texture and toughness.

There are other considerations for the frame material besides durability. Durable frames also carry more weight. And the majority of you could choose lightweight frames over sturdy ones.

For such folks, aluminum is a great choice due to its well-known advantages of durability and low weight.

How can you become an electric bike wheelie master?

Wheelies are honed via practice, just as on a regular bike. It will take some trial and error to reach that equilibrium.

It is the same with e-bike rides; you only have pedal assistance on your side.

One of the finest e-bike talents to have is the ability to raise the front wheel and position it perfectly. Once you learn this technique, you will find yourself with front-wheel raising at all times, through technical portions, and during corner exits.

  1. Find a location that has a modest uphill—just a little bit more than you would normally go for on your regular bike. Once the pedal assists engage and your pace increases, this will make it simpler to maintain the front wheel up.
  2. Start with your cassette at about a third of the way full. The wheelie will become more organic as a result. You may progress through the higher power modes as you become more adept at wheelies. Set up a starting and ending location for your wheelie. You can achieve your goal by doing this.
  3. If you first struggle to elevate the front wheel, look for a location where a rock or root is firmly embedded in the ground. You may utilize this rock or root as your front wheel lift point.
  4. Start riding gently towards the start 10 meters before the front wheel lift point begins; this will help you regulate your pace once the front wheel is up.
  5. Finding that equilibrium point might take some effort because the majority of the swingarms and chain that stays on e-bikes are longer. Trial and error and perseverance are truly the keys. Make sure your rear brake is reliable, bled up, and in good working order before continuing on your journey.
  6. Try pulling the back brake while pedaling on the entrance to the wheelie, then releasing the rear brake slowly. This can assist give you good control over how high your front wheel rises if you lack confidence during the first front wheel lift and are concerned about the bike flipping backward.
  7. Maintaining traction when riding an e-bike is crucial. If you have ever ridden an e-bike, you are aware that wheel spin occurs when you shift your weight from the rear wheel while pedaling over uneven terrain. Knowing how to do a wheelie will enable you to remain in your seat and lean back, keeping your weight on the back tire to maintain grip, especially while accelerating out of curves.


Are wheelies dangerous?

Yes. Like any stunt, there is considerable danger involved. To prevent serious injury from a wheelie gone wrong, it is advised to use a helmet, knee, and elbow protectors. However, the only risk is falling or toppling over. It's not difficult.

Do wheelies-specific motorcycles exist?

Any bike can perform wheelies if you master the fundamentals. Some bikes are better than others at wheelies. Heavy motorcycles could be difficult for certain people to handle. There are no motorcycles designed specifically for wheelies. For a wheelie, a mountain bike is an ideal option.

Are wheelies harmful to your bike?

If performed correctly, a wheelie won't likely harm your bike. However, it may seriously harm your bike. To prevent any harm to your bike, you must practice your wheelies. If you don't practice, a wheelie might cause your chain and rear mech to be ruined.

Can you do a wheelie on a rented electric bike?

It depends; if you can do a wheelie without damaging the rented electric bike, then you are good to go. Otherwise, I will strongly advise you not to do it.




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