Giant Road E1 & E2 Pro Ebike Review 2020 – 2021

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Giant Road E1 & E2 Pro

What's the first thing that crossed your mind when someone mentions the word 'e-bike?' You may think about an e-bike as a bicycle with an electric motor. Millions of bikers across the world have heard about electric bikes but are yet to try them. Among the e-bikes gaining critical acclaim are Giant Road E1 & E2 Pro.

Why are people talking about these models? Read on to find out what Giant road E1 and E2 Pro have to offer.

Why Get an E-bike?

With the advent of the Internet, most young people are always looking for trending items to purchase. Since basing your reason to get an electric bike on what's popular may sound irrational, it's essential to outline your need for this machine. You may consider getting it if you're looking for a solution to your short-distance commuting problems. An e-bike may also suit you if you're curious/enthusiastic about bicycles or have prior cycling experience.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying One?

E-bikes come in a variety of sizes and types to suit the unique taste and preferences potential users have. When looking at budget and quality, you should consider the duration and frequency of your rides. You should also consider the speed at which you want to travel along with the distance and terrain. An electric bike with a short battery life will experience difficulties trying to access hilly terrains or covering long distances.

Considering the following factors before purchasing an e-bike helps prevent you from settling on an item not suited to your lifestyle and needs:

  • Motor type - E-bikes come with motors rated in watts (rather than horsepower, a measurement unit for car motors). Your bike can either run on a mid-drive motor (suited for climbing big hills) or a hub motor (suited for flat, consistent terrains).
  • Torque - Your bike's ability to rotate the pedals and cover a distance lies on its motor torque rating. Unlike motor power, the unit for measuring torque is Nm (Newton metre). The higher the torque, the more efficient a machine is at making work more comfortable.
  • Range - The range declared by an electric bike dramatically varies with the speed at which the machine was operating. Factors such as weight and terrain affect the range of a bike. It takes more battery power to travel at a higher speed (e.g. 20MPH) than it does at a lower speed (e.g. 10MPH).
  • Battery - The more distance an electric bike covers, the more power the battery loses. If you're looking to use your e-bike for long distances or hilly terrains, choose one with longer battery life.
  • Charging time - Knowing the charging time will help you predict the amount of time to wait when your e-bike is charging. Be sure to choose a model with quick charging options if you frequently like using the bicycle.
  • Brake - With the options for braking systems being disc and padded brakes, you have to choose one suited for the activity you want to partake. Padded brakes work better and are quiet while disc brakes are prone to overheating and work well in wet conditions.
  • Frame type - Aluminum is the favourite frame material choice for most e-bike manufacturers since it is light in weight and doesn't rust. A bike with frames made of carbon costs more and performs better than one with aluminum frames. Bikes used for trekking, mountain climbing and hiking feature steel frames.

What Makes Giant Road E1 and E2 Pro Exceptional?

With a big range and a powerful motor, Giant Road E+ 1 Pro is an elegant, yet fun e-bike to ride. The bike boasts of a 500Wh battery, which you can charge from the bike. It also features a full-power SyncDrive motor built by Yamaha that delivers high torque needed when cycling. E+ 1 Pro comes with controls and its own firmware for ease of use. It also features a centrally-mounted LCD display screen you can use to navigate through its five modes of assistance (Power, Sport, Active, Basic and Eco).

You can access the standard mode setup from a separate mobile app (RideControl) and tweak it to your convenience. If you're looking for a more impressive range, the low-power Eco mode has your needs in check. Road E+ 1 Pro uses a double chain-set setup and features a Shimano Ultegra 11-speed gear system with hydraulic discs to make it more powerful at cruising through different terrains.


  • More room in the fork and frames since both tires and wheels are tubeless
  • Ideal for a road cyclist who likes adventure
  • Designed to propel you up to speed quickly (thanks to the centrally positioned motor) without compromising on performance
  • Strong and lightweight thanks to its Aluxx SL aluminum frameset
  • Optimum weight distribution facilitated by the centrally positioned and low-lying Yamaha motor
  • With the battery integrated into the down-tube, the lines on the tube appear smooth and stylish


  • Bulky (bit extra weight to carry around)
  • High-speed settings don't favour longer distances (e.g. it's impossible to travel 120km on high-speed settings)
  • Limited colour options for users who'd love to choose from a variety of colours

Giant Road E+ 1 Pro stands out as an electric bike designed to put you up to speed quickly and faster than a conventional bike. While it's operating on higher torque, the e-bike manages to maintain consistent performance. It boasts of large tyres designed to deal with the pressure of greater speeds. Its 700c wheels and drop handlebars can help you maintain a comfortable position for cruising up the hills.


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