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Should You Buy A Tern E-Bike? Our Guide & Review

Tern is a modern urban transport company which have always been known for creating non-electric high-quality bikes, but they started to transition to electric models in 2015. 

They now have eight different lines of bikes available from their brand with the most notable ones being; GSD, HSD and Vektron. 

In our review below, we will overview the popular bikes in the three lines above and review the Tern HSD P9 e-bike from their 2021 range in greater detail to see if the bike is worth the investment.

Overview Of The Tern Electric Bike Range

From commuter bikes to high-powered cargo bikes, the Tern HSD, GSD and Vektron line-up all come with differing motor systems and have tons of features for the daily driver. 

The Tern HSD range is a compact folding range while the GSD range from Tern is a range of power cargo bikes with rear rack accessories. The Vektron line-up focuses on making a great electric commuter bike. 

The Tern HSD Range 

  • Tern HSD S8i - This S8i model uses a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with a high speed of 20mph coming with a 400Wh battery and 20-inch wheels with a rear rack that can act as a baby seat, this compact bike needs very little maintaining. 
  • Tern HSD S+ - The HSD S+ is the flagship model of this Tern lineup coming with an Enviolo Sport 380 hub for gearing, 500Wh battery power and Suntour suspension fork.
  • Tern HSD P9 - Best for people on a budget, featuring a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with a Shimano Alivio 9-Speed gear range and accessories such as fenders and a front suspension fork. 

The Tern GSD Range 

  • Tern GSD R14 - Coming with a Bosch Cargo Line Motor, dual-battery option rated up to 1000Wh and a Rohloff Speedhub, this cargo e-bike is a premium model to choose from if you want generous battery life. 
  • Tern GSD S00 & S00 LX - These folding e-bikes are very similar to the R14 except they use an Enviolo SP hub for gears. They come with high-quality parts such as hydraulic disc brakes and differ from one another as one has a suspended seat post.
  •  GSD S10 & S10 LX - The s10 bikes are the most affordable bikes of the GSD range and have the same electronics except differ on specs such as their gears, coming with a Shimano Deore 1 × 10-speed gear hub instead.

 Tern Vektron Series

  • Tern Vektron P7i - Using a fold-up design with an adjustable stem, this is not the average road bike coming with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor for power and a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal gear hub - a great compact bike size for commuting. 
  • Tern Vektron S10 - This compact folding e-bike comes with great components such as its hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Deore 1×10 drivetrain. 
  • Tern Vektron Q9 - The Q9 is the most affordable Vektron bike in the series with a 20mph max speed and a mid-motor drive. Its design can fold up in just a matter of seconds for storage.

Our Review Of The Tern HSD P9 E-Bike

The Tern HSD P9 electric bike is a new high-quality cargo bike that is cheaper than the Tern GSD e-bikes but still comes with great durability for a heavy load, making it competitive with other electric cargo bikes in the range too. 

We will break the features of this lighter cargo bike down below to see what it's made of. 

Electric Components 


For the motor, this HSD electric bike uses a 250W Bosch Active Line Plus mid-mounted hub motor, the bike can reach top speeds of 20mph. No throttle is included with the class one e-bike and it comes with five different PAS levels ranging between; Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo.

What We Think

The motor and PAS levels on this HSD P9 electric bike gives ample pedal-power range, we find the absence of a throttle disappointing but understand many bike manufacturers are not including them due to regulations. 


Battery-wise, the Tern e-bike is kitted out with an 11Ah 396Wh lithium-ion battery, this e-bike battery is said to give a range of up to 60 miles by turn and is fitted neatly behind the seat post of the e-bike. 

What We Think

We are a little disappointed by the battery set-up on this electric bike, its range is limited for a compact cargo bike and produces around 30 miles rather than 60. Its battery is also not integrated but the rear position does help balance the bike out and it has a quick charging time too.

Bike Components 


In terms of design, this HSD e-bike from Tern is made from 6061 aluminium alloy with an SR Suntour MOBIE A32 Coil Suspension that has 70mm of travel. 

The frame has an adjustable stem as well as a Bosch Purion display to show assistance levels and metrics like distance. Its whole frame can fold up too. 

What We Think

Overall, the suspension of the cargo bike is fairly good and we like the adjustability of the bike, especially that it can fold up to quite a compact size. Total weight of the bike is around 24kg with its rear rack which isn't too bad considering the cargo bikes huge accessories. 

The whole bike can carry up to 375lbs too which is pretty impressive.

Brakes & Gears 

For brakes, this electric bike uses Shimano Hydraulic Disc brakes with front and rear 180mm rotors, it's gearing system runs with the 9 Speed 1x9 Shimano Alivio Shadow Long Cage Derailleur too. 

What We Think

We like the brake set-up on this bike which has adjustable levers and the Shimano gear set allows you to drop gears quickly and climb. 

Wheels/Tyres& Accessories 

The Tern electric bike is full of accessories, whether you want to attach a baby seat, fenders, cargo rack, basket and more, some at an additional cost. Its wheelset consists of Schwalbe Balloon Big Apple tyres with a 20″ wheel e-bike size. 

What We Think

There are so many accessories you can fit with this cargo bike to make it exactly how you want, but you do have to factor in how expensive it makes the bike, the wheels are not bad but their size can still make the bike feel a little bit bumpy. 

How Does The Tern HSD P9 E-Bike Perform? 

When riding the Tern HSD P9 you can tell how quiet the Bosch motor is and its swept-back handlebars with the suspension fork at the front make the cargo bike very comfortable to ride with. The mid-stepped frame overall feels very balanced too. 

We did notice the range of this bike was very limited especially when riding on full assistance, the e-bike's motor did struggle on inclines too, so we feel as if it is more suited to city riding.

Is The Tern Electric Bike Range Worth It?

The Tern electric bike range is worth it if you are after a great range of cargo bikes that can carry heavier load types and assist you well, the Tern HSD P9 is an excellent beginner e-bike, but as a cargo carrier, we would recommend the GSD range instead of the HSD model with it's larger range.

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