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Should You Buy The Mate X Electric Bike? - Our Review

The Mate electric bike company have been around since 2016, releasing their first Mate bike on roads which got great feedback thanks to the Mate City E-bike stylish looks and design. 

They have now recently launched the successful Mate X which came from a bike crowdfunder online and got backed by millions of people on Indiegogo, which helped Mate to create this fun electric e-bike which we will review in more detail below. 

Our Review Of The Mate X Electric Bike 

The Mate X electric bike is essentially an electric folding bike with a fair retail price and fat tyres. We have broken down the electric bike into its most important features and specs below to see if the foldable is worth it or not.

Electric Components 


For power, the Mate X electric fat bike uses a 750W motor but also comes in a 250W bikes motor design too if you are looking for something road legal. 

The 750W motor can reach top speeds of over 35km/h and has a rear hub motor position that propels you forward when riding. 

What We Think

Obviously, you can't take a 750W motor bike out on most roads as this high power is not legal, but we do enjoy the excellent power surge it gives this bike. One drawback of the motor power has to be its noise which is quite noticeable when you zipping along the average tarmac road. 


Battery-wise, this Mate X fat tyre bike has an impressive battery capacity of 17Ah (816Wh) battery but can be brought in a 14Ah design too to save on cost. The battery life of the 17Ah model can last you up to 120km when riding. 

The long-lasting battery is lockable and is a removable battery pack too for easy charging and security. 

What We Think

There is no beating around the bush, this electric folding bike has an excellent battery set-up and range for bike rides of any length and won't leave you stranded mid-ride. Although the battery range is good, its range might be slightly overstated once you start riding on inclines however and does run out much faster when you are using the assistance modes. 


Assistance on this powerful bike comes in five different levels and also has a thumb throttle design included for an extra boost of power if needed. It uses a full could LED display in the centre of its handlebars to display which mode you are using with live battery usage too. 

What We Think

Although the throttle and LED display are great on this bike, the five assistance modes are not so much needed, as you cannot use the bike with low assistance due to its heavyweight of 30kg from the powerful motor and larger tyres.

Bike Components 


Frame-wise, unlike the regular Mate e-bike, this larger design has a folding full suspension alloy frame with integrated lighting and a rear rack. The handlebar height is adjustable for different riders too and the suspension can be adjusted according to if you are using the e-bike on or off the road. 

What We Think

Overall, we like the suspension on the bike and we can tell the foldable bike is equipped for handling lots of off-road use with no struggle, the folding mechanism of this bike can also be done in three steps and takes less than 3-seconds. 

We should make a note that even if you fold this bike, you will struggle to carry it due to its huge tyres, so it shouldn't be brought for portability.

Gears & Brakes

For great stopping power, the Mate X electric bike is made with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and for off-roading Mate X uses a Shimano 8-speed gear shifting mechanism to help you with a smooth ride and quick control. 

What We Think

You can't fault the stopping power of the hydraulic disc brakes on this bike, but the limited gear set is a little downfall considering how well this bike is set up for all kinds of terrain.

Wheels & Accessories 

As you already know, this Mate X bike is equipped with 4-inch fat tyres, these tyres are all-terrain and are housed with 20-inch wheels that fold up too with the pedals. In terms of accessories the bike doesn't come with much, it does have a USB charging port and a two-year warranty for buyers confidence though.

What We Think

The fat tyres of this electric bike are what gives the Mate X its fun look and powerful ride, you can put a rear rack on the bike to make it a cargo bike, and we appreciate the two-year warranty too, however, its tyres are not the easiest to fold up and not practical for everyday use.

How Does The Mate X E-Bike Perform? 

You can pretty much tell before you even hop on this bike that it is fun to ride, the high powered motor allows you to whizz up and down hills with ease while its excellent range can take you any distance you want. 

Riding this bike for the first time might take a bit of getting used to with the handling, and the shorter front fork does, unfortunately, make the bike slightly uncomfortable despite its full suspension, so you might want to switch the saddle out to make it a comfy bike.

Is The Mate E-Bike Worth It?

All in all, the Mate E-Bike is a decent fun bike, but we are not sure how well it works as a practical everyday bike because of its very heavy weight and huge tyres. If you are looking to have fun on trails or private property, then sure, this bike is a great experience, but for commuting and road use, it might not be as suited.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mate X E-Bike 

How much does the Mate X E-Bike cost? 

At the moment the Mate X electric bike costs around £1999 but might be more if you opt for the higher motor specs as we mentioned above, this can push the price up to around £2500.

What's the difference between the original Mate and the Mate X? 

The first Mate bike had a slimmer design and the newer Mate X is said to have a better folding mechanism, speedier sensor and more durable design for using off the road.

What are fat tyre bikes good for? 

Fat tyre bikes are excellent for all-terrain use and in weather conditions such as snow thanks to their balance which allows you to have more grip and traction in comparison to the average slim road bike tyres.

Is a mid-motor good for off-roading? 

Mid-motors are the most desirable motor but also the most expensive to have on a bike as they give a natural feel to the electric bike when riding, front hub motors can often feel like you are being pulled along by the assistance while rear hub motors can make pedalling feel fake.

Can I use this Mate bike as a road bike? 

You can use this fat tyre bike as a road bike but it is more designed to be used off-road, if you do decide to use this bike as a road bike then make sure you buy it with the 250W motor so as it can be road legal.

What range does this bike have when using assistance?

When using assistance, you might only be able to get around 50-60km out of the bike rather than 100 as stated, this bike is very heavy, so it's hard to use on lower assistance levels. 

Is this electric bike compact when folded?

Although this e-bike does fold up well, we would not say it is compact due to its weight and large 4-inch tyres on the bike.

Final Words 

To conclude, the Mate X E-Bike is a fun bike to own and ride and will certainly attract a lot of attention as you zip past traffic and other cyclists on the road. The bike however is not very practical for everyday commuting and is not a portable bike because of the large tyres and heavyweight. 

It's also quite expensive once you kit it out with the more powerful motor and battery, so we would only suggest investing in the bike if you are looking for an adventure.

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