Magnum Peak Ebike Review - Worth It In 2022 - 2023?

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Should You Buy The Magnum Peak E-Bike?


Magnum is a US-based electric bike company that create a wide range of affordable e-bikes on the market, for all-terrain use or the average commuter ride.

This e-bike brand in particular creates fair-priced bikes with high-quality parts, and its Magnum Peak e-bike, in particular, is perfect for the road as well as the trails.

To see if the Magnum Peak e-bike from the range is right for you, we have reviewed the bike in greater detail down below.

Our Review Of The Magnum Peak Electric Bike

The Magnum Peak e-bike boasts some notable features in its design with its stable Suntour fork and Shimano gear set, we have reviewed these features in greater detail down below.

Electric Components


For power, the Magnum Peak electric bike Das-kit R4 Rear Geared Hub Motor has a power rating of 500W, the motor has a torque rating of 90Nm too and can produce top speeds on 28mph.

Assistance-wise the e-bike uses a walk mode, cadence mode and throttle modes.

What We Think

The overall torque and motor of this bike is good for both road and trail use and should provide enough assistance to get you up to basic inclines with ease, we appreciate that the mid-drive motor can be used with a throttle too, many can't be on other e-bikes.

One downfall of the motor has to be its rear hub position which does make it harder to fix a tyre if you get a flat when riding as you will need extra tools on hand.


Battery-wise, this e-bike from Magnum uses a 624wh 13Ah battery which can give an estimated range of up to 60 miles depending on whether or not the bike is used with PAS. Its charging time is around 6.5 hours too.

What We Think

The Magnum e-bike gives a great range from the battery here at a fair price point, and we like the fact the battery has a charging port on the lower left side of the bike for easy access too. Although, a 6.5 hour charging time is not very quick.

Bike Components


For the frame, this Magnum electric bike is made with 6061 Aluminum Alloy and uses a Sr Suntour Xcm Spring Suspension with 100mm of travel on the bike. Total weight of the high step frame is 59 pounds.

What We Think

The frame of this bike is pretty standard, we wish the bike could have a better front fork however for more off-road use, and not all the cables of the frame are internally routed so it can give the bike a messy look.

Brakes & Gears

The brakes on this bike are Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm rotors and it uses a 24 Speed 3×8, Shimano Altus Front Derailleur system which has an excellent choice of gears for more control when off-roading.

What We Think

We like the fact Magnum use hydraulic disc brakes on their bikes and the brake levers are adjustable to suit anyone, the gearing system on the e-bike can't be faulted either, it is rare to find an electric mountain bike on the market that can have such a wide choice of gears for a fair price point.

Wheels & Accessories

In terms of the wheels, this electric bike uses 27.5″ wheels and Schwalbe Smart Sam with reflective sidewall strips for use on any kind of terrain and roads at night.

What We Think

We love the larger wheel size on this bike and think it's perfect for mountain biking use, the tyres are also not too shabby and should last you a fair amount of time, even on the trails.

How Does The Magnum Peak Electric Bike Perform?

When riding the Magnum Peak bike you do feel the excellent power from the mid-hub motor and PAS, the overall bike can tackle most inclines with ease and we did feel the suspension helped from the front fork when moving over rougher terrains.

You can't reach over 20mph with the throttle on this bike but with PAS and pedalling we did indeed top speeds of 28mph. Our only concern on this bike is not the performance but the weight which is quite heavy to ride without assistance, the battery plug and kickstand are also vulnerable to crank arm collision.

Even on terrains such as snow, we think the motor and tyres of this bike would work well and provide great traction.

Is The Magnum Peak Electric Bike Worth It?

We do think the Magnum Peak electric bike is worth it for its price, as your getting a durable mountain e-bike with a fair amount of power and high-quality components. It is a shame about its heavyweight and lack of accessories however but we understand this is due to the larger motor and battery.

M26 Powerful Electric Mountain Bike 26 Inch Fat Tire Snow Bike Beach Bike 48V Removable Battery Long Endurance (Black 15Ah)
  • STRONG STRUCTURE: High quality all-terrain e-bike, fit for kinds of roads, such as flat road, muddy paths, sand beach or snowy hills. Equipped with high-strength & corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame and excellent lockable suspension front fork. 26 inch*4.0 topbrand fat tires, anti-puncture performance and stronger wear resistance.
  • STRONG POWER: High speed brushless rear motor offers strong power. 48V lithium battery, which is made of high-performance topbrand battery cells, has longer use time, with battery protection device. The battery can be locked, removed and recharged at home and outside. Charging time about 5-8 hours. Over 1000 recharge cycles.
  • THREE CYCLING MODES: [Pedal Assist Mode]-The motor will assist you with continuous power as you pedal the bicycle. [Fully Electric Mode]-Just twist the throttle (do not need to pedal). [Manual Mode]-Stepping on the pedal just as the common bike.
  • CONFIGURATION: Use throttle and pedal assist gears on different roads make riding easier and saving energy. Front and rear disc brake is more sensitive, which can effectively reduce the braking distance. Bright headlight ensure a good view at night. The electric bicycle weighs 29kg and has a maximum load of 150KG.
  • SERVICE: Warranty period of the frame and fork is 1 year; Battery, controller and charger is 6 months. The bike has been 90% assembled, and assembling tools is along with the bike, it is easy to finish the rest parts. If you have problems, please contact us any time.

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