Super 73 Ebike Review - Worth It In 2022 - 2023?

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Should You Buy The Super 73 E-Bike? - Our Review


If you are looking for a quality bike that assists you, can take you anywhere you want, isn't too expensive yet stylish too and packed full of power, welcome to Super73. 

Although these electric bikes are more like mini motorcycles due to their high hub motor power and fat tyres, their prices remain high but reasonable, allowing you to grab higher-end bikes for any kind of bike trail or a quality bike for distance rides with their large batteries. 

Super 73 have released a few different e-bikes in their range, but for this review, we will go over the most popular relevant ones, the Super 73 ZI and the Super73 RX from the R series. 

Our Review Of The Super 73 ZI & RX - What Are They All About?

Before we get into our review of these Super 73 cool e-bikes, we must note that this review is not a comparison between the two bikes, both bikes ride differently, one is for more beginner road use, while the other is for adventures. 

We will break down the main features and components of these bikes below to see if a Super 73 e-bike could be right for you. 

Electric Components 


Let's start with the Super 73 ZI, for this electric bike, the design comes with a 500W rear hub motor and has a peak rear hub motor output of 1000 watts. Top speeds of 20mph can be reached with the type of bike. 

For the Super 73 RX, it uses a rear motor with a total power output of 2000W, this can easily top speeds of 20mph. 

What We Think

I mean, first of all, a 2000-watt motor? That is exceptional for getting up any difficult bike paths or hills in short periods, but we are not sure how legal it would be to ride without a moped license because of this. 

The Super 73 ZI on the other hand still has incredible motor power for average use and is the better option if you want a bike you will use on the road more.


On the RX, the bike uses a lithium-ion 960 watt-hour battery allowing you to reach an estimated range of 75 miles when using pedal assist and 40 miles when using the throttle bike mode only. The battery on this bike is not removable. 

For the ZI, the bike comes with a 418Wh battery and has an estimated 20 miles of range. 

What We Think

The RX has an excellent range from its battery power, although, the battery does drain pretty quickly when you use it on throttle mode, the ZI has an even poorer battery performance and is not the bike to choose if you want to ride long distances!

Display/PAS Modes

Both electric bikes have simple displays, with the RX featuring a round display that has Bluetooth connectivity so as you can switch through bike settings PAS from your phone. 

For PAS, the RX electric bike comes with four different power modes that be switched through to unlimited mode for extra power. The ZI comes with PAS modes too but also a throttle mode.

What We Think

The display of the RX is great but it's shame most of its settings can only be controlled via a smartphone, the readout on the small display reads motor output too, but only of three figures so isn't useful for the 2000W output. 

We think the unlimited PAS mode on the RX could be a little unsafe, so we would only use it as an experienced MTB rider, not on roads. 

Bike Components 


Frame-wise, the RX Super 73 bike uses an aluminium alloy frame with DNM true suspension and a 120mm fork travel. Total weight of the bike with the batter included is around 37kg. 

On the ZI, the frame is made from steel and the bike does have a lack of suspension but comes with integrated lights and lots of mounts for accessories.

What We Think

The frame of the RX bike is an awesome full suspension e-bike that mirrors an electric dirt bike as to how it feels and handle rough terrain, 80lbs of bike might be quite a lot to handle as a beginner, however. 

For the ZI, the frame is pretty basic, no suspension means you should stick to the smoother roads with this bike, but it overall has a stable design.

Brakes & Gears 

In terms of brakes, the RX Super 73 bike uses Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors and four-piston callipers allowing you to stop straight away when needed, the ZI uses standard mechanical disc brakes. 

Gear-wise, the ZI is equipped with no gears as it is a basic push and go bike, while the RX uses 16-speed Tooth Rear Cog for best control on off-road trails. 

What We Think

The limited gearing on the ZI is a shame and limits what you can do with the bike, but then again, it is not designed to be used on rougher trails with lots of inclines, its brakes are standard but not as good as the hydraulics on the RX. 

Wheels & Tyres 

For the RX, it uses a 20-inch wheel size and has BDGR All Terrain 4-inch-wide fat tires for stability when riding, the ZI has 20-inch wheels too but uses standard street slick fat tyres.

What We Think

The shorter design of the wheels on these bikes is meant to mean easier handling on both bikes but could be a little uncomfortable for taller riders. We appreciate the fat tyres on both bikes, especially on the ZI as it absorbs some of the shocks you feel without a suspension.

How Do The ZI & RX By Super 73 Perform?

When riding the Super 73 ZI, you can notice that its small frame is easy to handle and control, and is overall a great bike for running errands with. The ZI was not as uncomfortable as we thought it would be with no suspension and the throttle mode was powerful enough to reach max speeds, however, the limited adjustability of the banana seat could be an issue for some users and the bikes range was poor.

The RX on the other hand feels like a throttle bike only when riding, if you use the bike in pedal-assist then it does feel slightly uncomfortable to ride, especially if you have ridden other mountain e-bikes previously. You do notice how quiet the motor is on this electric dirt bike and its full suspension handles any bumps with ease.

Are The Super 73 E-Bikes Worth It?

To round up our review of the Super 73 ZI and the Super 73 RX, we think both bikes are great in their own ways, but we would avoid the ZI if you are looking for a bike you can take off-road and long-distance. 

The ZI is worth it if you want a sturdy cool-looking e-bike to run errands with or do standard road biking, but the pedalling bike is limited in terms of range and power, so we would give it a miss and go for a full-suspension bike with a larger battery if you want more versatility. 

If you want an electric dirt bike style model, then the Super 73 RX is worth it for adventures and standard off-roading with its excellent rear suspension and high max speed rating, we would suggest giving this bike a miss if you are looking for a model to exercise with, however, as it works best on the throttle.

The bike is not the lightest either, so if you are after a portable bike, you might be better off looking for a lighter model.

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