KTM Electric Bike Review 2021-2022

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KTM Electric Bike Review

Electric mountain bikes are great not only for rough trail riding, but for city riding and commuting to work as well. Electric mountain bikes are a great investment if you are looking for a faster commute or a different way to get out into nature and onto some biking trails. Why not start riding your bike off road? And not only will you get to work faster, but your health will benefit from owning an electric bike as well.

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KTM specialises in racing, so you can be sure that when you buy a KTM e bike, you will undoubtedly go fast. If you are looking for a solid, speedy electric bike, then look no further than the KTM Macina Ride 292 electric bike.

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KTM Macina Ride 292

The KTM Macina Ride 292 electric mountain bike is the ideal starter bike for a first time rider. It is suited for both street and trail riding, so it would fit someone who is looking for a faster commute during the week and something to get around on in the countryside during the weekends.

This bike is fitted with the nearly ubiquitous and reliable Bosch Active Line Plus motor. This Bosch motor is smartly integrated into the middle of the frame of the bike that not only looks great, but aids in giving the rider a more balanced experience when on the bike. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor has three sensors that monitor torque, speed, and cadence more than 100 times per second, which helps it perfectly attune its support and strength to your needs during every ride.

The Bosch Active Line Plus motor offers four support levels to help your pedaling efforts. The four support modes are Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. The assistance settings peak at 375 percent, so you can out ride cyclists and drivers alike on your commute. Bosch is the leader in electric bike motors, so you know you are in good hands with the Bosch Active Line Plus motor on this particular electric bike.

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You can select from these assistance modes via the Purion display on the handlebar. The Purion is a minimalist display but it is incredibly intuitive and sits comfortably on the handlebars of your bike. It is large enough that it is easy to use while riding, but not so big that it gets in the way of your hands or your eyesight. To activate the display, you do not even have to take your hand off of the handlebars. You simply must activate the easy to use buttons with your thumb. The screen displays important information like battery charge remaining, speed, activation mode, partial distance, and the odometer.

The battery that comes with purchase of this KTM ebike is a 400 watt hour Bosch Powerpack Battery that provides the rider with up to 65 kilometres of range. About three to four hours to fully charge this battery from empty.

The fittings on this KTM mountain bike are Shimano made. The nine speed gear cassette has 11 to 36 teeth to make sure that shifting gears is is super easy and smooth. The MT200 disc brakes are extremely powerful, ensuring that you will be able to break easily and powerfully when necessary.

The frame of this particular model of electric bike is perfectly balanced for performance and ease of riding. The aluminium body is lightweight and durable, which is very important as the motor and battery add extra weight to electric bikes. The default colour that this electric mountain bike is available in is white and orange with black touches, which sets it apart for the average electric bike you may see everyday. Gone are the days of boring grey and black! It is unique in its look, which will definitely set you apart from the pack.

The suspension on this electric mountain bike is in a class of its own. To keep your riding as smooth as possible, there are two Fox 32 Float 100 millimetre forks up on the front of it.

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  • Although the KTM Macina 292 is primarily a mountain bike, it is also great for city commutes and light trail riding. You can truly take this electric bike anywhere; it is suited to much more than just the woods.


  • This electric bike is definitely on the more expensive side compared to other electric mountain bikes.
  • Because of its price point and sophisticated features, this electric bike is suited to more advanced riders.

The KTM Macina 292 electric bike is the perfect complement to an experienced rider who is looking to spice things up on trails and on the way to work. If you have owned a manual mountain bike or electric bike before, then this one will be a perfect fit. KTM mountain bikes are sturdy, unique, and reliable, so why not elevate your performance with the KTM Macina 292?

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